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Action Committee

This committee organises petitions, protests and other actions about the main themes of Amnesty International. Previously, we have organised activities such as a petition day in the city centre about Afghanistan, a cooking activity and a painting activity. We are active at Radboud university, the HAN and the city centre to raise awareness about human rights violations. If you have any ideas about future protests, be sure to join us!


Education Committee

There are many issues in this world that have to be highlighted more. Amnesty International does not only protest, but it also investigates human rights violations around the world. Hence, we can use our knowledge to spread it to other students in Nijmegen. We do this through the organisation of lectures, debates and movie screenings. Are you ready to spread the word?

Writing Committee

Amnesty International is best known for their Write for Rights (W4R) actions. During multiple times per year, we gather at university or at HAN in order to write letters for activists that are missing, have been unjustly imprisoned or await other unfair trials. We urge people in power positions to stop these unjust procedures. The biggest event is every year in December. The W4R actions are often supported by performances of artists. Do you want to organise the most important activities of the year? Or are you an artist that would love to show your talents? 


Social Committee

We also value cohesion within our student-group. This is why we organise activities that give our members the opportunity to bond over non-human rights related things. In the past, we did this through a cooking activity and a pub quiz after GMAs. Would you like to go paintballing or do something else that you have always dreamt of? Come help us out!

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PR Committee

Would you like to combine your creativity with activism? You can do this in our PR committee. This committee creates awareness amongst students in Nijmegen about Amnesty International Student Group via both online and offline platforms. Social media posts are created about AISN events that are coming up and explains human rights topics. On top of that, posters, flyers and stickers get created to spread around the city. This committee takes the least amount of time, so it is an easy way to get familiar with AISN. Your input is always welcome!


The XVIIth board



Lotte Grijmans


Martha Filart



Lena Hofemeister

Commissioner of activities

Jasmijn in ‘t Velt